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Value-Based Care Services

Providing population health support and expertise for independent physicians and their patients

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About Us

Genovista Health is a select group of primary care physicians engaged in value-based contracts that focus on improved quality, reduced cost, and high patient satisfaction.  Genovista is comprised of PCP members of Genesis Physicians Group, one of North Texas’ oldest and largest independent physician associations.  We believe independent physician organizations have an important role to play in the future of health care delivery for Texas.  Our mission is to champion our physician’s passion for the profession of medicine to achieve higher quality, cost-effective care for the patients we serve.

Genesis Physicians Group was established in 1986.  Our motto – “Leading the Way for Independents” – means we are here to provide services, tools, and information so independent physicians can flourish in the practice and business of medicine.

Our Achievements

Over 100,000 assigned beneficiaries and growing

92% increase in physician payments since 2018

Achieved over $20.5M in first four years as part of Medicare Shared Savings Program

15% decrease in Medical Loss Ratio for Medicare Advantage (2018-2022)

One of the few ACO’s successfully managing Medicaid beneficiaries – 4 consecutive years of increased shared savings

Breadth of value-based contract options: Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Commercial, Medicaid

Committed to community outreach

What Our Physicians Are Saying

“Genesis is a leading proponent for private practitioners. In addition to assisting in the credentialing process, coordinating insurance contracts and helping lower costs with business expenses, Genesis has a strong supportive staff that is always available to answer my questions.”

“I have received valuable assistance in credentialing during my transition into my independent practice, allowing me to maintain a high-quality medical practice through the ACO. Participation with Genesis allows us to receive financial benefits for documenting and meeting necessary quality measures.”

Population Health Support

Genovista offers a comprehensive suite of population health management services to support our participating providers in value-based care.  Our offerings help physicians improve patient care and practice performance, while providing the opportunity for shared savings and other value-based incentives.

Physician Leadership

Led by Chief Medical Officer and physician POD leaders. POD leaders meet with teams, provide peer-to-peer support, monitoring, and help navigating through the offerings.

Performance Improvement

Our team provides routine physician and practice level education and tools to navigate through the population health journey and achieve performance success.

Care Management

Our care management team includes nurses and community health workers to support our practices and coordinate their patients’ health care needs.

Post-Acute Care

Coordinating the transitions of patient care across the continuum through partnerships with preferred home health and skilled nursing facilities.

Risk Coding

Supporting HCC coding needs, our team provides one-on-one risk adjustment coding education and learning materials.


Our network’s advanced analytics is designed for efficient workflow within our providers’ practices and access to all elements (cost and quality) of all ACO contracts.


Access to advanced, point-of-care health technology and referral management tool to manage population health and improve cost and quality outcomes.

Financial Rewards

Value-based contracts provide the opportunity to earn additional revenue for our practices.

Specialty Network

High-quality specialty physicians committed to accountable health care delivery and collaborative co-management of patients.

Health Plan Partners

GHPN holds value-based care contracts with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Commercial payor partners. Together, we collaborate to optimize delivery of patient care and reduce costs through efficient care processes.

Leading the Way for Independents